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The need for emergency medicine is one that crosses barriers of race, tribe, sex, religion and social strata. With a perfect combination of poor road networks, inadequate hospitals, abject poverty and illiteracy in Nigeria; anyone in the metropolis with a life threatening condition that needs immediate intervention would be lucky to survive the golden hour

No one wishes for a flat tire but we do carry a spare. Your seat belt doesn't save your life daily but you wear it daily because you never know when it would. Do you have a plan for medical emergencies in your home, work place or social event. No one wishes for emergencies but they do occur. By partnering with us, you can have a detailed plan to prevent emergencies and resolve them when they occur.The very life you might save might be yours.


Medical Fumigation and Decontamination

Too often there is a need to sterilize or disinfect certain equipment and facilities. We have been on top of this using the safest and most effective methods available. This is usually based on the assessment of possible contaminants or as a result of tests and results after laboratory tests. The chemicals used would be based on the surfaces or constituent of items to be processed.

We work on specialized equipment and vehicles, aircrafts, boats, open space and closed compartments. Sometimes a combination of pesticide control precedes medical fumigation as the pests are often vectors in transmitting or spreading germs from place to place. The chemicals used could be gaseous or wet. Disinfection with special cleaners is also used for common areas, knobs, handles, railings and toilets to mention a few.

The most common items that get contaminated are the doorknobs, Automated teller machines, POS machines, railings......continue reading

Click here to download the write-up on the strategic role that our "Medical Fumidation and Decontamination" services play in preventing the spread of COVID-19 pandemic.

Ambulance Dispatch

This is an exclusive service for paid clients and registered organizations. Once the alarm centre is contacted, the nearest available ambulance is dispatched to the scene. The service is currently limited to Lagos State...

Event Standby

We have vast experience in providing services for our esteemed clients for various types of events like concerts, road walks, conferences, sport events and large parties. Please see the list of companies.....


Over 2,000 people have been trained, we have a very interactive, practical and highly effective training program for First aid, CPR and AED training. We have been contracted by reputable companies like Aero Contractors,....